Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blessed beyond measure....and income.

I'm 2 months into my best career move ever. I've been home with Brady and Brooklyn for 9 weeks now and just like when they were born, I can't imagine living life any differently. I love the complete freedom of being home and not having my brain owned by the pressures of a job. It took a few weeks for me to stop worrying about that job though! I was so conflicted for a while thinking about whether or not things were going ok for everyone else, all while trying to adjust to being home 24/7. As time has passed, my thoughts are focusing and our new routine is establishing itself. I relish the moments when Brady and Brooklyn are playing together laughing and jabbering to each other. I know these moments are fleeting and passing very quickly. I love the challenge of keeping up with laundry and overcoming my natural laziness when it's time to cook- AGAIN. (There's only so much you can do with hamburger and chicken!) Now that I'm settling into the full-time mom role, I'm picking up a new outlet. Tonight, I'm beginning a new kickboxing class at a local gym (Lead by the awesome Christy Ragsdale Hempen herself!) and I'm really excited to have something that is just for me. I've gotten back to pre-baby weight; not SHAPE mind you. I'm looking to this class as an outlet, a refresher for my brain and the opportunity to make me proud of myself. This has always been an area of great challenge for me, but I'm doing it with a different focus. Bring it on! All in all, this leap of faith has been a fabulous one. As only God himself could do. Thank you Heavenly Father for blessings more numerous than I know!

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